Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Secret Behind Polish Pottery - Part One

One of the major influences at 
Pas Par Tou is the extensive line of Polish Pottery that we carry.
Customers frequently come to our shop and some may know about the pottery, while others have many questions as to the process by which the pottery is created. In several articles we will walk you through the process, perhaps enticing you to explore the mastery an artisan craftsmanship behind this beautiful stoneware.

Ever wonder about the origins of this beautiful pottery? The perfect high shine glaze, the intricate patterns, the timeless elegance and craftsmanship that only Polish Pottery offers, we are going to go into a little bit of detail as to the process behind the Artistry of Polish Pottery and the levels of perfection one must attain to be truly "Unique"

Polish pottery is created from bisque colored clay that is found only in the Boleslawiec region of Poland. The clay is rougher in texture than a clay used for porcelain and fires at high temperatures to create true stoneware


Liquid clay is poured into molds, allowed to dry and then removed from the mold. A clay worker then takes piece and cuts away any excess clay. The clay is smoothed and sponged to remove imperfections.

The pottery is allowed to dry over-night in drying rooms. The pottery is then fired in a large kiln at 850 degrees where it hardens to stone and the clay becomes a soft white bisque 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

PasParTou's Top 5 Gifts for Men

It is that time of year again, when everyone rushes to buy gifts for the holidays yet most people have no clue what to buy.  We have compiled a quick list of five great gifts for the men of the house!

Rosemary Candles from Izola NYC.
These are beautiful and have a wonderfully natural smell.

Brooklyn Mugs.
These are designed by PasParTou with a very simple grey and white design.

Set of three soaps, Par Avion.
Unscented French milled soaps in a beautiful box 

Set of 13 Whiskey Rocks from SPARQ Home

Cedar Wood Soap from Kala Style.
Made locally in USA.

We hope that this list will aid you in your last minute shopping!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween in Brooklyn, NY

Most people who aren't from Brooklyn or who have just moved to Brooklyn will ask you where the best places for Trick or Treating are.  Having lived in Brooklyn for my whole life, I feel pretty confident that I at least can recommend some of the best ones.  So on that note; here are my top five blocks for Trick or Treating in Brooklyn starting with #5.

5) The Park Slope Parade.  Since this year Halloween falls on a Friday expect this parade to be bigger than most years.  The parade begins at 6:30pm at 14th street and 7th avenue.  If you are going to walk in the parade, it is suggested to arrive at 5:30pm.

4) The Cobble Hill Halloween Parade.  Same situation as The Park Slope Parade since Halloween falls on a Friday this year!  The parade will begin at 4pm at the Cobble Hill Park and is one of the city's largest kids parades!

3) Court and Smith Streets.  These streets (along with the sides streets connecting them) are filled with stores, like ours, that hand out candy beginning around 3pm.  There is always lots of fun and laughter throughout the streets starting at Atlantic Avenue.  Residents on the sides streets connecting Smith and Court like to sit out on their stoops with decorations and candy waiting for Trick or Treaters.

2) Grace Court Alley off of Hicks Street between Remsen and Joralemon.  One of the epicenters for kids on Halloween in Brooklyn Heights.  When venturing down this street you will see almost every house decorated and almost every resident out on their stoop handing out candy to eager dressed up children enjoying this holiday.

1) Finally as the number 1 place to go trick or treating (in my book) is Garden Place off of Joralemon Street between Hicks and Henry.  This block is closed for the entirety of Halloween and is by far the most decorated block in Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill that I have ever seen!  Every body decorates their house and tries to outdo their neighbor!  Candy keeps flowing the whole night as residents sit out on their stoops and hand out candy to eager children!

That is it for my suggestions of the best trick or treating places in Brooklyn.  Hope that everyone has a great time on Halloween and enjoys the weekend!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

PasParTou at the Dumbo Arts Festival 2014

Last weekend, PasParTou was invited to participate in the Little Poland Gallery at the Dumbo Arts Festival.  The gallery was run by the Polish Consulate in New York in order to showcase items either made in Poland or by Polish designers and artists.  We graciously accepted the consulate's invitation and set up a table for the two day show located at 160 Water Street in the heart of DUMBO.

Owner Gosia Rojek showing our collection of items to Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka, Polish Consul General

We decided to bring with us the works of many different Polish artists and designers.  We exhibited the beautiful jewelry of designers Marcin Zaremski and Marcin Gronkowski.  We also displayed a collection of Polish pottery otherwise known as Boleslawiec.  Visitors who came by our booth loved the small bowls and spoons as well as our collection of tea bag holders.

Exhibition of Polish Pottery

In our store, we feature a beautiful line of Polish whimsical kitchen textiles with various patterns on them.  We brought those down to DUMBO as well with us and they were a hit just as they are in our store in Cobble Hill.

Selection of whimsical kitchen linens

Finally we brought a beautiful collection of handmade and artist signed glass pieces from Velt Gallery.  These along with our personally designed Brooklyn t-shirts finished out our display nicely.

PasParTou designed Brooklyn t-shirts

Overall, we had a sucessful first experience at the Dumbo Arts Festival.  Not only did we get to exhibit and display our beautiful Polish made and inspired items, but we also got to catch up with a good friend of ours, the Polish Consul General.

Owner Gosia Rojek with Polish Consul General Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka

All participants of Little Poland Gallery with Polish Consul General Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Polish Jewelry Designer Marcin Zaremski

Collection of Marcin Zaremski Bracelets

Jewelry has been accompanying renowned Polish jewelry designer Marcin Zaremski for as long as he can remember.  While looking for his own independent way in life and art, he found .... silver.

Silver Bracelet

Marcin studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw from 1969 to 1974 in the faculty of design. At the same time he was working at his parents art studio gaining valuable knowledge of skills needed to be a jeweler.  In 1974, after graduating from his studies he decided against becoming an interior designer and instead decided to become a jewelry designer, where his only obstacle was to cope with family tradition.  His parents, Jadwiga and Jerzy Zaremski, were the forerunners and the creators of Polish modern jewelry art.  Marcin wanted to create his own style and detach himself from his parents' successes and in turn created the Polish haute couture in the jewelry sector.

Gold Plated Silver Bracelet

Marcin Zaremski is genuinely interested in the wearers of contemporary jewelry, especially women. He strives to understand their willingness to be conspicuous, to manifest their personalities externally, to reveal their peculiar preferences and passions.  The role he has allotted his jewelry is quite clear: he wants his jewelry pieces to harmonize with, or stand in contrast to clothing; he wants them to transform in accordance with fashions and the current artistic research.  These two factors combined give his jewelry its voguish quality.  From the multitude of trends prevailing in art and fashion, Marcin chooses those that are the most in keeping with his personal predilections. 

  Gold Plated Silver and Silver Necklace
Gold Plated Silver Earrings

Marcin Zaremski has taken part in over 100 art exhibitions (collective and individual) in Poland and abroad.  From the beginning of the times of democracy (1989), he has been managing his workshop in which he creates his jewelry projects and designs.  Marcin has been running his author jewelry gallery-shop in Warsaw since 1992.

We've curated a great collection of Marcin Zaremski's work and will be getting more in time for the holidays, so come by our store on Court Street and let us tell you a little bit more about Marcin and show you his beautiful pieces.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ooh La La Petite Boutique Candles

Vintage teacup candle

A few months ago, we were approached by Ooh La La Petite Boutique about carrying their items in our store.  We were drawn to them as they were something unique that we had never seen before.  Ooh La La is the brain child of Eni and Greg, a couple where Eni makes candles and Greg spends his time photographing them.  Greg also takes wonderful Polaroid pictures of various places and transfers them to archival watercolor paper for beautiful prints.  

Vintage Creamer Candle

Eni and Greg collect vintage teacups, creamers, and other containers from all over the world and hand pour their candles in these.  They use soy wax that is made from 100% soybeans and is 100% natural.  These items make great decorations after the candles are done or Eni is willing to refill them for a small fee.

Vintage Gravy Boat with Vintage Spoon

The cups that Eni and Greg collect are all unique and it is very rare that you will find two of them same cup. They have a range of sixteen scents that go from very fruity to minty/fresh. 

Display of vintage teacup candles and prints in antique suitcase

When Eni and Greg brought their candles to our store, they presented them in a beautiful antique suitcase. The candles were situated on top of vintage camera cases and Greg had thrown some of his Polaroid prints of Paris in to accent the candles.  They look absolutely great and complement the rest of our store nicely.

Eiffel Tower Print

Finally, Greg and Eni also make candles in old mason and jelly jars.  They hand paint these mason jars and then hand pour one of their sixteen scents of candles into them for a wonderful gift or decorative piece.  

Mason Jar Candle

Stop by our store in Brooklyn to hear a little more about Eni and Greg and their adventures making candles, taking pictures, and travelling around the world.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

PasParTou's Summer Essentials

1. Turkish Towels - beach towels, pool towels, runners, tablecloths
What's there not to love about them??

2. Brahms Mount 100% Cotton Herringbone Throw
Handmade in Maine with the most beautiful colors and texture

3. Europe 2 You Tapas Plank with reclaimed wood/terracotta tiles
Perfect for entertaining guests tapas style

4. Michel Design Cocktail Hour Coasters
Who doesn't love a nice cocktail hour with family and/or friends??

5. Sobremesa Large Roly Poly Decanter w/Teakwood Stopper
Beautiful way of serving any drink and a necessary
addition to anyone's bar